Nawal Gebreel

Textile Designer

Current Styles
These are my current styles.
Basket Pleat scarf33883-Edit.jpg

Basket pleat

Basket pleat style 2 Scarf33920-Edit.jpg

Basket pleat - style 2

Chelsea pleat (velvet) Scarf34836.jpg

Chelsea pleat (velvet)

Fishscale pleast (slik-metallic) Scarf34959-Edit.jpg

Fishscale pleat (silk-metallic)

Fishscale pleat (Silk-Metallic) Scarf34937-Edit.jpg

Fishscale pleat (silk-metallic) look 2

Gabriel Pleast Scarf33620-Edit.jpg

Gabriel pleat

Giant pineapple pleat Scarf34925-Edit.jpg

Giant pineapple

Honeycomb pleat with steps Scarf34165-Edit.jpg

Honeycomb pleat with steps

INfintity pleat style 2 Scarf34459.jpg

Infinity pleat

Infity pleat Scarf34444.jpg

Infinity pleat - style 2

Lizard pleat Scarf34389.jpg

Lizard pleat

Long cape Scarf33998-Edit.jpg

Long cape

Long cape view 2 Scarf34060-Edit.jpg

Long cape - view 2

Marty pleat (Long) Scarf34734-Edit.jpg

Marty pleat long scarf

Moora Pleat, Pleated top Scarf34441-Edit.jpg

Moora pleat & pleated top

Nabila pleat Scarf33526-Edit.jpg

Nabila pleat

Navzat Pleat (silk-metallic) Scarf34237-Edit.jpg

Navzat pleat (silk-metallic)

Navzat pleat (translucent) Scarf34184-Edit.jpg

Navzat pleat (translucent)

Navzat pleat translucent style 2 Scarf34215-Edit.jpg

Navzat pleat (translucent) - style 2

Pleated Top and collar pleat Scarf34355.jpg

Pleated top and collar pleat

Pleated top and pleated clutch hand-bag Scarf34296-Edit.jpg

Pleated top and pleated clutch handbag

Pleated top and spiral pleat necklace Scarf34324-Edit.jpg

Pleated top and spiral pleat necklace

Pleated top with shaped shoulder Laser Cut Collar Scarf34363.jpg

Pleated top with shaped shoulder and laser-cut collar

Random Pleat (silk-metallic) Scarf34783.jpg

Random pleat (silk-metallic)

Savy Pleat Scarf34786.jpg

Savy pleat

Savy Pleat Scarf34805-Edit.jpg

Savy pleat - style 2

Savy Pleat Scarf34813-Edit.jpg

Savy pleat - style 3

ShoSho pleat Scarf33111-Edit.jpg

Shosho pleat

ShoSho style 2 Scarf33344-Edit.jpg

Shosho pleat - style 2

Shrug Pleat back view Scarf34145-Edit.jpg

Shrug pleat (back view)

Shrug pleat Scarf34102-Edit.jpg

Shrug pleat (view 2)

Shrug Pleat Scarf34122-Edit.jpg

Shrug pleat (view 3)

Sparrow Pleast Scarf33850-Edit.jpg

Sparrow pleat

Sparrow Pleat Style 2 Scarf33861-Edit.jpg

Sparrow pleat - style 2

Star pleat Scarf33352-Edit.jpg

Star pleat

Star Pleat Style 2 Scarf33442-Edit.jpg

Star pleat - style 2

SuSu double pleat style 2 Scarf34675-Edit.jpg

Susu double pleat